Thursday, January 27, 2011

Help Me

My days are long
My dreams are gone
My tears are dry
I only know how to cry
My mind is shaking
My heart is breaking
Can someone repair me
And love me for all that they see
Is someone out there
That would even think to dare
And try to repair
The one I have become to be


Look around and what do you see?
I see no one left to fight for me
They have dissapeared and gone
Left with no note of so long
Now I stand here and fight
The dark is closing in on my light
The pain getting stronger
The fight getting longer
I guess I am alone
To fight this battle on my own
I will not accept defeat
I will not bow down to their feet
I will fight till the end
And my heart I will defend
So I guess this is goodbye my dear
Please go on without me and do not live in fear

Why Me?

Dripping off my arm
Only myself to harm
All the stains bloody red
Covering my floor and my bed
Can anyone hear
All my screams of fear
Pouring out of me
Like a bloody sea
The clock ticking down
Soon there will be no sound
Only the silence of the dead
Because all the pain was left unsaid

Pain from a lover

Where does my heart stand with you?
All the pain inside but you have no clue
The razor starts to burn
Your love is the only thing I earn
My veins will run dry
There will be no one left to cry
It is to late to regret
My heart won't forget
You destroyed me
So I could clearly see
I am not worth anything at all
And that I am just meant to fall