Thursday, December 16, 2010


He means so much to me, but I mean so little to him. I fell into a black hole. Fell for the lies, when all he was and wanted was lust. Breaking hearts is his speciality. Lying is his game. I am a puzzle piece that will be tossed away when he finds a new girl. Or has he already? Is he just keeping me around to destroy me? For once I wish he was telling the truth. Telling me what is really going on. I'm not worth the truth, I guess. What am I worth then? Am I worth anything at all? Was I worth anything, did I mean anything to him? If I give up he comes back and pulls me in. Tells me I'm ok. Then drops me on my ass when I'm better. A never ending cycle of broken hearts. I guess thats all it will ever be. I'm not good enough for him or anyone else. Did anyone really love me? Or was it all lies to cover up the plan to hurt me? Did I do anything to deserve this pain? I'm not sure anymore. I guess I'll always be broken. Broken and destroyed.

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